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MySQL Users Conference 2004

The second annual MySQL conference known as “Ready for the Enterprise” was held in Orlando Florida.

Conference Details

Date: April 14-16, 2004
Location: Orlando, Florida

For more information please visit the official conference website.

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Speakers List

  • Michael Widenius, CTO, MySQL AB
  • Brian Aker, Director of Architecture, MySQL AB
  • Sergei Golubchik, Senior Software Developer, MySQL AB
  • Hemant Kirpekar
  • Alfredo Kojima, GUI Developer, MySQL AB
  • Mikael Ronstrom, Senior Software Architect, MySQL AB
  • Aaron Werman, Principal, Database Administrator, Open-DB Solutions
  • Michael Benzinger
  • Mark Matthews, SW Development Manager – Windows and Java Platforms, MySQL AB
  • Kevin Dooley
  • Jim Abbott, Senior Product Manager, Novell, NetWare & Novell Linux Services
  • Aaron C. Newman, Chief Technology Officer, Application Security, Inc.
  • Zak Greant, Community Advocate, MySQL AB
  • Giuseppe Maxia
  • John Paul Ashenfelter, Transitionpoint
  • Jorg Hoffmeister, Development Manager, SAP AG
  • Mike Balma, Linux Business Strategist, Hewlett-Packard Company, HP Linux Strategy and Planning
  • Jeremy Cole, Training & Consulting Manager, MySQL AB
  • Jeremy Zawodny
  • Lenz Grimmer, Senior Production Engineer, MySQL AB
  • Garima Thockchom, Product Line Manager, Sun Microsystems, Availability Marketing
  • Lars Thalmann, Software Engineer, MySQL AB
  • Heikki Tuuri, Founder, Innobase Oy
  • Brad Fitzpatrick, President and CTO, Danga Interactive
  • Kevin Smith, Director, Intel, Software Products Division
  • Jasper Kamperman, Senior S/W Inspection Consultant, Reasoning
  • Chris Stone, Vice Chairman, Novell
  • Brian Behlendorf, Founder and CTO, Collabnet
  • David Axmark, VP Community Relations & Internal IT, CoFounder, MySQL AB
  • Lars Samuelsson, Software Project Leader/Developer, Lentus
  • Patrik Backman, Partner Manager, MySQL AB
  • Helmut Spoecker, Consulting Manager, Realtech, Professional Service Organization
  • Konstantin Osipov, Software Developer, MySQL AB
  • Peter Gulutzan, Software Architect, MySQL AB
  • Luke Welling, Senior Web Developer, MySQL AB
  • Laura Thompson, Lecturer, RMIT University
  • Kaj Arno, VP Professional Services, Acting VP Software Engineering, MySQL AB
  • Nils Valentin
  • Carsten Pedersen, Coordinator of Software Development; Certification Manager, MySQL AB
  • Kari Honkanen, CTO and Founder, Emic Networks
  • David Stokes, Emic Networks
  • Reggie Burnett, President, ByteFX, Inc.
  • Marc Fleury, President and Founder, JBoss, Inc.
  • Jim Winstead, Lead Web Developer, MySQL AB
  • Massimiliano Stucchi, Partner,
  • Guido Sintoni,
  • Alexey Botchkov, Software Developer, MySQL AB
  • Peter Zaitsev, Benchmarks Coordinator/Support Specialist, MySQL AB
  • Christoph Spoth, Sales and Marketing Manager, EBM
  • Stacey Quandt, Principal Analyst, OSDL
  • Dr. Ernest Prabhakar, Product Line Manager, , Unix and Development Platforms
  • Peter Wayner, Author/Consultant
  • Guy Harrison, CTO, Quest Software, Inc, Application Performance Management
  • Matt Raible, President and Chief Architect, Raible Designs, Inc.
  • Mariella Di Giacomo, Library Software Engineer, LANL, Research Library, Library Without Walls Team
  • Beth Goldsmith, Library Software Engineer, LANL, Research Library, Library Without Walls Team
  • Christoffer Hall, PhD Student, University of Copenhagen
  • Marten Mickos, CEO, MySQL AB
  • Tony Perkins
  • Trenton Schulz, Trolltech
  • Vikram Vaswani, CEO, Melonfire
  • Oleksandr Byelkin, Software Developer, MySQL AB
  • Eric Herman, Developer