Tuesday, June 18, 2024

MySQL Idiosyncrasies That Bite

While MySQL is a popular and widely used database product, there are some default features and settings which can be foreign in comparison with other commercial RDBMS products such as Oracle. In this discussion, Ronald Bradford will discuss some of the MySQL defaults that are not what you may expect. These include understanding the concept of storage engines, and the default non-transactional state, how silent data truncations occur which affect your data, ideal practices for date management, and the MySQL transaction isolation options. These are all critical to clearly understand and implement correctly for data integrity and consistency. He will cover in-depth topics including SQL_MODE and the recommended best practices for default settings, the ideal user permissions and privileges including not what to do, and also the best practices for character sets and collations to ensure your UTF8 is stored and retrieved correctly.

Presenter: Ronald Bradford
Percona Live – Santa Clara, April 2012
New York MySQL Meetup, April 2011, New York