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Backup and Recovery

The second book of the Effective MySQL series provides the reader with the tools, knowledge and tips necessary for a successful MySQL Backup and Recovery Schedule. Included in this book are examples of mysqldump, LVM snapshots, mylvmbackup, MySQL Enterprise Backup (MEB), Xtrabackup and mydumper. Advanced options including compression, incremental backups, partial backups and remote capabilities are discussed and examples provided with an example 5GB database. Effective MySQL: Optimizing SQL Statements by Ronald Bradford


  1. The Five Minute DBA – Download Sample Chapter (PDF)
  2. Understanding Backup Options
  3. Understanding Business Requirements
  4. Using Replication
  5. Understanding Recovery Options
  6. MySQL Configuration Options
  7. Disaster Scenarios
  8. Optimizing Backup & Recovery
  9. MySQL in the Cloud

All links in the book can be referenced in links.txt

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  1. Rares Mirica says:

    Well, I have issued a REPLACE INTO statement on the master thinking it will solve a data shift problem in one of the slaves only to later figure out that it had deleted all the records in tables that were related to it. I later spent the night recovering all deleted data by parsing the binlogs (used row-basedd replication) with grep, sed, and a makeshift parser written in python