Sunday, January 20, 2019

The history and future of the MySQL Ecosystem

This week I was the guest speaker at the New York Linux Users Group (NYLUG) Meetup where I had the opportunity to talk about The history and future of the MySQL Ecosystem. This talk, titled “”Spaghetti and MySQLBalls (with a side of greens)” detailed the beginnings of MySQL, the MySQL acquisition history, described the state of current MySQL versions/variants/forks, storage engines, related vendors and much more. It was actually great to reminisce and share some of the great stories of the fantastic team at MySQL Inc/AB, and it amazed me as I presented just how many former employees have created companies in the ecosystem.

These Linux guys were also a great group to talk to, with lots of good questions and feedback. Many thanks to comments verbally and online including, “One of the best meetups I have been to. Ronald Bradford gave a great talk.”, “Ronald’s presentation was great. … the presentation really helped clear up a lot of longstanding confusion on the myriad of MySQL choices available…” and “Superb presentation and exactly what it said on the tin.”

A video of the presentation will be available soon.