Sunday, January 20, 2019

Testing and verifying your MySQL backup strategy presentation

From the IAOUG Gold Coast OTN Day, Ronald Bradford gave a presentation on “Testing and Verifying your MySQL Backup Strategy”. Details in this presentation included:

  • Product options
    • mysqldump
    • mysqlpump
    • mydumper
    • Xtrabackup
    • MySQL Enterprise Backup
    • LVM/SAN Snapshot
    • Filesystem copy
  • Binary log backup options
  • B&R Strategy considerations
    • Time to backup
    • Time to restore
    • Consistency
    • Flexibility
    • Partial Capabilities
    • Cost
  • Technical Requirements
  • Testing & Verification
  • Using Failover

More information about mysqlpump available in MySQL 5.7 can be found at Introducing mysqlpump, playing with mysqlpump and mysqlpump reference manual.

Thanks to Pythian and more4apps for hosting the event.