Sunday, January 20, 2019

MySQL Operations

This presentation from the MySQL/NoSQL/Cloud Conference in Latin America provides my experiences of the most common problems managing MySQL Operations in general with customers, and a number of current problems experienced recently.

Many consider the ease of installation and use of MySQL as a selling point, however MySQL installation is not install and forget. It sounds simple, however there are many important decisions that have long lasting effects. The choice of version, choice of repo, choice of variant is just the beginning.

The appropriate configuration before any application uses the MySQL instance is also critical. Some decisions can lead to data integrity issues that can be difficult or impossible to correct without expensive rework. The decision regarding timezone management is one point discussed in detail.

However the greatest impact to the time and energy of MySQL operations is application development. The use of frameworks, the absence of knowledge of writing SQL, the lack or abuse of transactions all contribute to unnecessary complexity and stress in ensuring a performing and highly available MySQL infrastructure.

Day to day, tasks including testing and managing MySQL upgrades in a 24x7x365 environment, changing QEPs due to data distribution, complexities in point in time recovery with triggers, ROW base replication are all edge cases that have to be experienced to understand that MySQL operations is a detailed process to manage and support.

The outline of this presentation includes:

  • What is Operations
  • Installation
  • Configuration
  • Operations Woes
  • Day to day problems
  • Other experiences